Sat, 17 Nov 18

Events @ The Unit

I had to train a little earlier than normal today because my fiance and I were attending her grandfather's 85th birthday party.  It was a fun time with friends and family and we should all be so fortunate to be doing so well when and if we reach that age.  Her grandfather is an amazing man and I love when we get to see him and spend time with him, especially since my last grandparent passed away more than 10 years ago.

Farmer's Walk (turns @ 50')

2x100'x110 - One slow, one fast


200'x205 - F@CK!  A$$!

I was cruising with this weight and planning to hit at least 300', but I felt a rib head sublux on the left side of my back as I was going into the turn at 200' so I dropped the handles and quickly grabbed my PVC roller to try and reduce it.  I got it back in place, but it went out again because whatever muscle had spasmed to pull it out was still tightened up excessively.  I did a little more work on and around the area with a lax ball, but was not able to completely fix it.  Due to this, I stopped farmer's for today because a minor rib sublux is a minor annoyance, but a major one takes a lot longer to completely fix and causes a lot more trouble with training around it.

Atlas Stones (tackyless)

10x200 to 51"

10x240 to 51"

5x240 to 56"

I rarely ever do more than 5 reps in a set of stone loads, so these were quite the cardio workout.  I would have done a few more sets because things felt good and my rib wasn't limiting me at all, but I was running short on time and Cody wanted to work on pressing.  Speaking of Cody, he busted out a set of 10 with 200 and 9 with 240 himself, which was damn impressive for someone only training strongman for a couple months.  I remember trying to do a set of 10 with my 200 lb stone back in the day when I first got it about 2 years into doing strongman and I think I failed at rep 7 or 8 because my work capacity was crap.

Log C&P (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

4x155 - 2x strict, 2x push press

4x175 - Same as above

6x205 - 2x strict, 2x push press, 2x split jerk

Cleans felt good, pressing felt pretty good, but now my shoulder has gone from actual pain to more of an impingement feeling.  I guess I'll be sticking with my rehab exercises a while longer, but even though this was not progress on weight, it felt the best that overhead has felt so far in fixing my left shoulder nonsense.  Cody got in some good work with the axle and we called it a day.