Thurs, 20 Sept 18

Upper Assistance/Shoulder Fixin'

Since this training day last week made my shoulder feel and function so much better, I repeated it this week with no changes other than upping the intensity slightly and subbing the American Press Bar for a barbell on OH shrugs.  Same effect as last week in terms of making things feel lovely.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns/DB Shrugs


10x100/30 sec hold + 10x60

10x110/30 sec hold + 10x65

10x120/30 sec hold + 10x70

I used a 4 sec negative on the pulldowns and a 3 sec pause on shrugs, same as last week.

Single Arm Seated Cable Rows/High Incline Serratus Presses

10ea x 70/30 sec hold + 15x55

10ea x 70/30 sec hold + 15x75

10ea x 80/30 sec hold + 15x75

I used a 3 sec negative on rows and 3 sec pause on serratus presses, same as last week.

American Bar OH Shrugs/Side Lying External Rotation

20x35/20sec hold + 10ea x 5

20x55/20sec hold + 10ea x 5


Pressing and lowering the American Bar was much more shoulder friendly than the barbell was last week.  The side lying ER sets still totally fried my shoulders after 2 sets with the initial hold and pausing each rep for 3 sec at the top.