Sat, 30 Sept 17

Speed Bench

Once I hit a certain amount of words in naming/describing an exercise, it starts to seem ridiculous.  At least now this sounds less dumb by comparison.

Paused Close Grip Axle Speed Bench





Not sure if it was using bands for my last block of training that caused my shoulders to feel so beat up or if it's the minor impingement in my right shoulder that I've been working on correcting, but whatever the reason, I opted to switch my speed work for bench press to straight weight with no accommodating resistance this time around.  If all goes well I'll try adding chains next time.

SG Lat Pulldowns/Shotput Triceps




Pulldowns were using a 4 count negative with a focus on keeping my shoulder blades pushed down and the triceps work I was playing with using a movement pattern similar to throwing shot or stones with a wide elbow position and rotational components from forearm and shoulder.  I think I liked it, but it'll take another go round or 2 for me to be sure.