Headed to the compound today ready to squat. Training broke down like this….



Stationary bike (3 minutes), band pull aparts, Indian club swings, and hip rotations


Box Squats – High box

Bar for a few

135 for 2 sets of 10

225 for 5 rep

315 for 5 reps

Put on Metal Pro briefs –these are a size or two too big and are loose on me

405 for 5 reps

495 for 3 reps


Deadlifts against quaded monster mini bands

135 for 2 singles

225 for 3 singles



2 sets of 12 reps with zero resistance


Back attack

1 plate for 10 reps

2 plates for 10 reps

3 plates for 3 sets of 10 reps


Inversion table

1 minute of inversion twice with 1 minutes upright in-between


I was pleased with the squats today. Everything felt good the only thing missing is a little speed. Form was solid. Progress….