Saturday heavy squat week

This week is the week to take a heavy squat. I'll have one more heavy squat session after this one and before the meet. Today will be the first time in 11 months I've squatted with my suit straps up.

worked up to 395 raw

put on Metal Ace briefs

worked up to 615 doing singles

put on Metal Ace squat suit - straps down

worked up to 835  doing singles

put straps up for a single at 940 - the pick took way to long because I couldn't get the bar to feel right on my back with the straps up. I should have put the straps up earlier in the warm-ups.

added reverse light bands

1050 for a single - pick was improved but I jumped the depth call and cut it short. The weight was moving well but I felt like I was going to pass out so I came up.  This is something that needs to be addressed soon.

I've not worn knee wraps since last December and all my training has been in knee sleeves. I've got to get some reps in with my knees wrapped so they don't through me off at the meet.


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