The following details my leg workout from Saturday morning at Kirkland Golds Gym.  I trained alone and here is the workout…


Seated Leg Curls w/Isoholds


I used a unilateral leg curl machine meaning weight listed is per each leg - FYI.


Set 1 x 12 reps with 40lbs (warm-up)

Set 2 x 12 reps with 50lbs (warm-up)

Set 3 x 10 second isohold + 6 reps with 60lbs

Set 4 x 10 second isohold + 6 reps with 70lbs

Set 5 x 10 second isohold + 6 reps with 80lbs

Set 6 x 10 second isohold + 6 reps with 90lbs


*The key here after a few warm-up sets is to start each set with a 10 second isohold before completing 6 full range reps.  Also lean forward a bit (see video) to facilitate a greater stretch when your legs are extended. Go up in weight each set until you barely get 6 rep.


Here is a video:




Blood Flow Restriction Squats


I used a cambered bar which has a similar feel as this:

I used these bands to restrict blood flow to my legs:

I did a couple warm-ups before adding the wraps and doing what’s listed below - FYI.


Set 1 x 23 reps with 135lbs

Set 2 x 15 reps with 135lbs

Set 3 x 11 reps with 135lbs

Set 4 x 9 reps with 135lbs


*I did this based on an article I read by Mitch Calvert in which he reviewed a study of national level weightlifters who added 12% to their legs in 2 weeks using blood flow restriction on front squats.  Due to my lower back I used a cambered bar. The idea is to use 24% of your 1RM. I can’t squat heavy enough to determine my 1RM, so I just did 135lbs. The goal is to perform 4 sets with restricted blood flow by wrapping your upper thigh at 70% of the tension of a typical knee wrap.  Rest only 30 seconds between all 4 sets and keep the wraps on until the end. Set 1 should be to failure, Set 2 should be 15 reps, Set 3 is 12 reps and Set 4 is again to failure. One Set 1 I went to failure. Set 2 I basically failed just getting to 15 reps. Set 3 I failed at 11 reps and Set 4 at 9 reps.  This was way harder than I anticipated, particularly from a cardiovascular standpoint!


Goblet Squats Quad Finisher


This was based on an article I read by Eric Bach - FYI.


Set 1 x 15 second isohold + 15 reps + 8 second isohold (failed) with 70lbs


*I believe Eric suggested a dumbbell in the 40-65lb range.  I elected to use 70lbs. The goal was to perform a 15 second isohold near the bottom of the ROM, followed by 15 full reps.  I performed these with my heels raised to really hit my quads. I also had gas left in the tank so I tried to add another 15 second isohold to the end of the set, but failed around 8 seconds.  Quads went to Jello afterwards, lol.


Here is a video:




Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deads


Set 1 x 6 reps with 80lbs

Set 2 x 6 reps with 80lbs

Set 3 x 6 reps with 80lbs


*Elevate your toes to get a better stretch if you have flexible hamstrings.  I went with a medium weight today as I was about to puke from the previous exercises - ha!


That concluded today’s leg workout.


Train hard!