Its Arnold weekend here is Columbus. It’s a huge event and the second largest draw to Columbus. It brings people from all over the place. In addition to the bodybuilding; the XPC Powerlifting has really taken off and has some serious competition. There are lots of people training and stopping by the compound too, which is cool. As for me I’m feeling just about 100% and have gotten most of my weight back on from being sick. Here is what I did….



Stationary bike (3 minutes), band pull aparts, hip rotations


Free Squats

Bar for a few

150 for 5 reps

240 for 5 reps

330 for 3 reps

Put on Ace briefs

420 for 3 reps

510 for 3 reps

560 for 3 reps

600 for a single

420 for a single


Deadlifts-wearing Ace Briefs

225 for 3 reps

315 for 2 reps

405 for 2 reps

495 for 2 reps

585 for a single

635 for a single



Hip rotations

20 rotations each leg


Reverse hypers

140 for 3 sets of 15



One of the guys I was training with today, Bruce, noticed I was twisting when I squatted. As I was descending the bar would twist moving the right side back and the left forward. As I ascended I would twist back and finish in the same position as when I started. This became very pronounced when I took the 600. Dave took a look at my squat and determined that I was pointing my right toe out more and shifting weight to that leg. I probably developed this in an attempt to protect my left leg following my adductor injury. We adjusted my feet and I took 420 for a single with no twisting. Thanks for catching this Bruce!