Headed to the compound ready to squat. Decided today would be a free squat day and I haven’t done that in a while. Feeling good and ready to put in some work…



Stationary bike (3 minutes), rolling, Indian club swings, hip rotations



Bar for a few

145 for 10 reps

235 for 5 reps

325 for 5 reps

Put on Ace briefs

415 for 3 reps

510 for 3 reps

600 for 2 reps

650 for a single

690 for 2 reps


Deadlifts – wearing Ace briefs-sumo

Worked up doing singles to 635 for one rep


Hanging leg raises

3 sets of 20


Hip rotations

2 sets of 20 per leg


Squats felt awesome! Depth was called and good. Bar moved well and I estimate I was good for about 730 for a single today. Very pleased with this. Deads went well too. Form is holding and knees not coming in at all.