Second Week in Cincinnati - Week 1/Day 1 (OHP) of settling into schedule

..This is week 2 of being in Cincinnati and slowly getting an idea of my work/life schedule for the week. Right now over summer my plan is to train 4 days per week, with likely 3 being at the UC Rec Center and 1 on the weekend being at a gym that I can deadlift and box squat/squat with specialty bars at. As I get a few more things nailed down I'll know better if doing 2 days during the week at UC and 2 days on the weekend elsewhere will work better.

Week 1/Day 1 Training - OHP

A1. Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown - 4x10

A2. Pushups - 4x15

B. OHP - Triples working up to 165x6 (3+ week of %)

C1. OHP Back-Down Sets - 4x5 w/ 135lbs

C2. Chin-Ups - 4x10

D1. Pushups - 3x30

D2. Bicep Curls - 3x10


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