Thurs, 22 Nov 18 - Thanksgiving

OH/BP Assistance

Sadly this year, I was unable to perform my Thanksgiving tradition of pushing the prowler for a mile.  This was due to having recently started a new job and having problems connecting to the company servers in order tp be able to work from home.  This in turn left me with some documentation to catch up on that took precedent over prowling.  I was still able to get out to that garage for some training though.

As I mentioned last week, I am slightly changing up the way I structure my press assistance day to include more exercises I don't normally do on my main press day which I feel will help add some work to under-trained movements or rehab/prehab as I shift back to more normal programming for my pressing.

Today was a bit shorter than I would have preferred because of working and also having to make the desserts for Thanksgiving with my fiance's family, but what I did do felt good and like it will be helpful in getting my presses back up to speed and preventing future shoulder funk.

Giant Trap Bar Shrugs/Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns




The straight arm pulldowns lit my lats (or maybe teres majors) up.  I haven't done them in a while and definitely gave me the armpit fire.

Skull Crushers/Alt. Arm DB Curls (L,R,B=1)



I had to stop here to do more documentation and make some whip cream from scratch for the pumpkin and chocolate chip pies.  Next time I would like to add in some direct shoulder strength and stability work and some quick conditioning.