Thurs, 7 June 18

Jumps, WL, Assistance Work @ BSG

I am heading home to MD for the weekend tomorrow and won't have time to train because of plans with my gf and her brother who is in town visiting so I moved my normal Friday midday training to Thursday evening.  It was less horrible than I expected, but I still missed a snatch rep, which I usually don't do since I'm not going heavy on them in my current programming.

Seated DB Box Jumps

5xBW to 24"

3xBW to 30"

3x20 to 30"

3x25 to 30"

2x3x30 to 30"

3x30 to 32.5"

Hang Power Snatches

barbell warmups:

10x snatch grip behind the neck press

10x OHSQ

10x muscle hang snatch


4x20 kg

4x40 kg

4x60 kg

2x4x70 kg

I lost the 4th rep behind me like a champ on the first set with 70 kilos, but totally redeemed myself by humping every rep of the second set into submission.

FNG LPD/Triceps Pushdowns



(Note: the FNG here stands for fat neutral grip, not f@cking new guy)

The second set of triceps aggravated the bottom of the back of my shoulder at my armpit (so most likely teres major/minor or infraspinatus) so I ditched my 3rd sets of assistance work for these 2 exercises.

DB Curls/GHR Back Extensions

3x{10ea x 55/15x35}