Shirt bench, again...

Since last week's shirted bench was terrible we decided to work my shirted bench again this week. After Dave and I discussed the possible reasons why my bench was so bad, despite being a terrible bencher,  we thought that fatigue from the heavy squat the day before and the fact that I fought every rep to touch could have zapped my energy.

bench press - wore Metal Ace bench shirt

worked up to 315 raw

shirted work

405 to a 3 board for a triple

455  to a 3 board for a single and a 2 board for a single

495 to a 2 board for a single

545 for a board and a half for a single


dumbbell rows

130's for 5 sets of 10 reps



30's for 3 sets of 8 reps


While I believe that board pressing primarily makes someone a good board presser today it allowed me to determine that my pressing strength is okay I just have to be careful not to wear myself out trying to touch weights that are too light to touch.


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