Tues, 26 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 4, Day 1 - ME DL/SQ

I am using blood flow restriction to help my right knee get squared away and also to warmup in place of snatch and clean and jerk.  I did it on Saturday before events as well, just forgot to log it.  I probably shouldn't have tried to do heavy deads today, but I figured it would be easier on my knee than squats.  I stand by that logic, but I still had to shut it down early due to increasing funk.


75 reps ea x light band

BFR Squats

75 reps x BW







2x455 - Started noticing my knee more after this set.

1x495 - Same as above, but slightly more.

1x545 - I am nothing if not stupid and stubborn.  Finally stopped after this set since I was becoming increasingly aware of lateral R knee unpleasantness.

Of course, then I was pissed at myself and I wanted to feel like I had done something so I did this.

15x405 - Wow, I am not used to high rep sets, but at least it didn't make my knee any worse.

DB Step Ups/SSYB Calf Raises

12ea x 25/20x245

2x{12ea x 35/20x245}

Copenhagen Planks/Russian Twists

2x{8ea x 5 sec pause/15ea x 25}



Yet gain, I finished in a crappier mood than I started because I felt like I did not do my knee any favors with trying to do heavy deads.

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