Sat, 15 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 3 - Events @ Colosseum Gym

This weekend the east coast bid a fond farewell to Loyola S&C Coach Nick O'Brien as he moves out to the left coast to get ready to start his new job at Fresno State.  The greyhounds' loss is most definitely the bulldogs' gain and while I am going to miss my friend, roommate, and one of the best training partners I've ever had, this is a well deserved move up for him.  I went to watch his men's soccer team in the final game of his tenure as their strength coach where they got the W over Lehigh.  I also did for him what I am only willing to do for a very select few people - help him move.  Any of you who are large or strong or both know the annoyance of having people ask you to help them move or move furniture on a regular basis, especially if you also have a truck.  I usually turn down such requests as politely as possible, even when there is an offer of a few sheckles for my time as it is usually a stressful, painful, moronic situation with too little brains and too little brawn.  Insider tip: if you are a wee man or petite woman and think that getting one big strapping young man to help you maneuver something that is stupidly heavy through a maze of walls and doors that are only wide and tall enough for such a task by a short and curly is all the help you need, think again.  Get yourself a brute squad, pay them in pizza and beer and money and make sure at least one person has enough brain cells to rub together to plan out an effective strategy.  Or just hire movers cause you know, it's their damn job.  On to the training.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 70

complex x 155



2x245 - Switch to bigg dogg logg.



clean only x 305

I was having trouble keeping my knees out today on all sets over 205.  Hopefully this was due to me waking up at 0400 to leave at 0500 to drive 2 hours to train at 0700.  I was also cleaning into a half screwed up rack position, again most likely due to the above.  285 is the most I've pressed since hurting my knee so that's a plus, but I really need to be above 300 to even have a long shot at being competitive at MD Strongest in a month.

Yoke/Frame Medley





50'x610/50'x500 - This set was supposed to be 700 on the yoke and I went from really happy about how light it felt to really pissed that I didn't double check the weight before I went.


50'x750/50'x520 - Heaviest yoke I've done since hurting my knee, but still 100 lbs off where I need to be for MD Strongest, not to mention slow and awful.  Turn off your volume if you are offended by profanity.

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Metal Atlas Stone to 52" 2x220 5x220 3x250 4x275 - My shirt was sweaty and my arms were sweaty and everything was sweaty which led to me slip sliding around like a drunken snail in the Icecapades on my 4th rep.  I wasted a lot of energy and didn't want to make a dumb dumb move and tear a bicep so I stopped after this got stupid.  Again, I let fly with the foul language so volume off if your ears are sensitive.

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