Mon, 26 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 2 - OH

I really wanted today to be bench day for some reason.  Not sure why, but regardless I made good progress today on split jerks.  This was the first time I put them back into my gym training with the log.  Interestingly to me, I was splitting better (less/no internal or external rotation) with my right leg forward than my left.  This was the first time it has been this way, as up to now splitting my left leg forward (not my preferred style prior to injury) has been better.  Splitting the left forward was good for my left leg, but I was doing a terrible job of getting my right leg back.  I still managed one each with my heaviest weight of the day, but right forward was beautiful in comparison to left forward.  Happy with my progress though, just gotta keep advancing and adding things back in as I keep improving.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175




1x295 - Clean only

I added split jerks back into my warmup complexes today and all work sets were one each for which leg I split forward.  I am still following a modified progression of my percentages, but as long as I am making headway in getting back up to 100% I'm just fine with that.

Seated Reverse Band Log Press (avg bands)




2x3x245 - My biggest issue on these is hand placement on the handles when getting into a rack position without a clean.

Towel Pullups/Rollouts/Back Extensions


8xBW/20xBW/15x40 - Left knee felt wonky on the first set of back extensions so I dropped down a little.

6xBW - No rollouts or back extensions here because I had gotten a headache during the course of training and being prone and inverted were making colorful explosions happen in my skull.

I used full size bath towels for the pullups without taping them into a bundle so the grip element was off the charts.  I will probably switch to gym towel size for these next time in the interest of not cursing like a sailor at my hands throughout the duration of my sets.