Sat, 30 Mar 19

Events @ the Unit

Today was warm and sunny and glorious.  Training volumes and intensities were slightly less than I would have preferred, but I had plans with my wife and her granddad around midday that precluded longer training.

Axle C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 70

complex x 120





Wow.  The presses were easy, but I forgot how awful cleaning every rep on an axle is.  I will be doing this more often until it doesn't feel like I'm an axle virgin.

Yoke/Sandbag Medley

2x50'x250 - Yoke

100'x200 - SB

50'x450/50'x200 - 450 felt lighter than 250.

50'x650/100'x200 - 650 yoke beltless felt a lot slower and like I should have worn a belt so I stopped here.







This was a 2 man rotation up to 270 and then I soloed 360.  I didn't realize it until I was done, but I was only one more plate away from finishing Wendler's 500 Challenge.  Next time I'll finish up strong(er).  Also, while I have done the 500 challenge several times in the past, I don't think I've ever done it after event day before.

I considered trying to throw some weight over bar, but setting up the standards would have taken too much time.  I am going to get some pipe so I can do a quickie modified standard setup next time.