Sat, 13 Apr 19

Events @ ISCF

Log Clean & Jerk (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135






1x310 - Video

The last set got a little bit wobbly, but what scores in strongman is whatever you can lock out overhead so I'll take it.  This is the most I've put up overhead since I jacked up my shoulder last September.

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Weight Over Bar

many x 28 lb over 12' with R and L

several x 56 lb over 10.5' with R and L

a few x 56 lb over 11' with R and L

1x56 lb over 12' with R only (after a few misses)

I tried out a new and ostensibly easier setup for standards today and it was only mediocre.  If I can get it so that it isn't the leaning tower of stupid then it will definitely be an improvement.  Also, this was the first time I've done any throwing in a year and a half and damn am I ever rusty.  Dave joined me as we sucked the hind teat while listening to the dulcet tunes of Wheeler Walker Jr. and a good time was had by all.

Light Weight For Distance

3 full throws x 28 lb

All were between 45' and 48', which was surprisingly consistent.  I only did this out of curiosity since I really didn't feel like throwing after all the WOB.  I have apparently lost much less off  of this event than weight over bar.

Strongman Conditioning Medley

warmups with yoke and prowler for a couple minutes each

12 minutes of:

*1 min x prowler + 90

*1 min x single arm farmer's walk x 110 (~30 sec each arm)

*1 min x yoke x 255

I had a timer setup that went off every minute and did that medley with no breaks for 12 minutes and then stopped because my whole body was revolting against further movement.  This conditioning is the kind of stuff the Meat Head Dream Team used to do all the time back when we first got rolling together as a training group and the only thing that would have made it better was if I had a training partner or 2 to plow through it with me.