Sat, 24 Jun 17

Block 12, Wave 4 - Events and Throws @ ISCF

Ever since I jacked up my left knee last August my overhead strength has been down a little bit, since that was the main lift that I had to cut back my weights on for several months due to the instability and weakness in the joint that I was rehabbing.  I worked back up to the low 300s, but have been stuck right there for a while, so today was another small step in the right direction.

Log C&J

complex x 90

complex x 140

complex x 180





2x0x315 - Cleans were ok, but I was having trouble changing direction when I dipped for my leg drive.

1x315 - Still ugly, but at least I locked it out.

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Light Hammer

w/up with some winds and releases into the ground

8 throws - Mostly 2 winds, I feel like a baby lamb and barely have any idea what I am doing.  This was also the first time I have thrown the hammer as I'm sure is obvious from the video.

Weight Over Bar

1x56 over 8'

1x56 over 9'

1x56 over 10'

1x56 over 11'

1x56 over 12'

1x56 over 13' - Video is of this throw, which landed on top of the bar and pushed it down, so I'm counting it.

0x56 over 14' - Had the height and felt strong as hell, but didn't get the weight moving backward quite enough.