Tues, 1 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 3, Day 1 - ME DL/SQ


BB w/ups






Much like snatches last week, these felt better this week.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squats





3x425 - Add belt, felt rough

3x445 - Stayed much tighter, felt much better

3x465 - First 2 reps good, got loose on 3rd and hurt my feelings

5x420 - Easier than expected, but only 1 down set because I was giving myself a headache.

I put on my jack briefs for the heavier sets for poops and grins today.  These are sadly very loose on me compared to when I first got them so they are probably more of a mental boost (training in multi-ply is fun!) than a physical one.  How loose you ask?  I can pull them on and off with just a few tugs.  Might have to invest in another pair when the next Metal Gear sale pops up.  Also, they are pretty stinky per my wife, ass I've never washed or in any other way cleaned them in the 8 years I've had them.

SS Yoke Bar Reverse Lunges/Hypers/Single Leg SSYB Calf Raises

10ea x 85/---/---

2x{10ea x 115/15x30/15ea x 85}

Headache was rapidly getting worse so I stopped after 2 sets of accessory work.  I really need to get back to regular mobility work cause my hammies were pretty grumpy on the warmup set of lunges.  Thankfully they got better.

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