Mon, 16 Mar 15

Today was a craptastic day full of awfulness.  My girlfriend and I drove back home from visiting her fam and then had to turn around and look at a house as soon as we got back.  I tried to go train after all this and things started out pretty good while warming up, but throughout all my sets of snatching I had a headache brewing that I could tell was going to sideline me if I kept going.  On top of this, for some asinine reason my entire low back decided to lock up in spasm.  This too was a gradual progression and it was not from any sort of muscle strain because it didn't hurt, it was just super tight and restrictive in terms of allowing me to flex and extend around L5/S1 and if I tried to move where the muscles didn't want me to go, I felt a lot of pressure.  I have had this happen a few times before and I knew if I could just get everything to relax that I would be fine, but this combined with the headache was too much today so I called it after finishing my snatches.  Probably a good thing because my headache got exponentially worse on the drive home from the Unit.  Most likely this was all just due to the heavy training from Saturday, sleeping in a smaller, less comfortable bed for several days, and then driving home.  Still very frustrating though as training would have helped relax me and help Stella get her groove back quicker from the trip.


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