Mon, 6 April 15

Despite feeling like complete dog anus today due to competing on Saturday (write up coming soon), I headed to the Unit after an early nap to get some work in.  I definitely kept things a little easier today so as not to dig a hole for myself going into my next phase of my training block, but I still got in some good work.


complex x 45




12x2x110 - Everything felt pretty good overall, but I noticed I was bending my elbows too early and my right shoulder was clicking a little bit from where I dropped the 165 lb circus DB on it while lowering it during the competition.

Reverse Band Log Zydrunas Press



8x195 - I could definitely tell I was not fully recovered on the heavier sets, but the second was noticeably easier than the first.

SS: Wtd Blast Strap Pushups/Axle Shrugs


That was all for today.  I did most of what I had planned except for core work and conditioning and I did use slightly lighter weights on the Z presses than I would have otherwise, but besides that I was able to stick to what I would have done if I hadn't competed over the weekend.