Mon, 9 Feb 15


complex x 45




Reverse Band Log Zydrunas Press



3x6x185 - Used less band tension and a slightly different setup this time.  The change to the setup lowered the anchor point of the bands enough that the log is completely deloading from the bands where I want it to, but now with that change, the band tension is not enough.  So I'll keep the same setup, but go back to the avg bands next time, rather than the light bands that I used today.

SS: Blast Strap Pushups/Axle Shrugs

3x{15xBW/15x210} - Pushups getting better, but still cramping up in right lower trap on the shrugs.  This improved somewhat on the third set so I will start here next time and go up if the cramping is gone or nearly gone.

SS: KB Side Bends/Wtd McGill Crunch



12x80'xprowler3.0+50 - Done in the same time as 10 runs last time.  I'm progressing faster on conditioning than I thought I would based on previous experience, which is awesome.