Mon, 20 April 15

I felt good going into training today.  My snatch technique was up from sh!t to suck, energy levels were strong to quite strong, and Earth, Wind, & Fire was blaring from my bluetooth speaker.  Then for some funked up reason I got a weird spasm in or around my right SI joint during Zydrunas presses.  I have had this a couple times before and it doesn't feel like a pulled muscle or soft tissue injury, per se.  I would describe it more as a cross between nerve pain and a muscle locked up in spasm.  Rest helps it, obviously, but interestingly doing any sort of deadlift or hip hinging with a neutral spine seems to help it more and more quickly.  Also soft tissue work around the affected area alleviates some of the symptoms.  This is the area where I have the sacralized transverse process on my L5 vertebrae and I'm pretty sure something is getting locked up down there for some reason and causing me a good deal of annoyance.  The only thing this condition has caused me not to do so far is my last rep of my last set of deadlifts a couple weeks ago and I didn't even attempt to do my 4th set of Z. presses today when it happened.  At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish today's training, but after a few minutes of cursing, bend-and-snapping, and writing angry death threats to myself in my training notebook, I felt good enough to continue and actually went up on my pushups and shrugs.  I'm supposed to tug tomorrow before heading to SC for a little vacation on Wednesday morning, but I will have to play it by ear (or SI) and see how things feel.  Bottom line is this is a weird problem that I've never encountered before and it is starting to piss me off.


complex x 45





Reverse Band Log Zydrunas Press



3x230 - Right SI told me to sod off during the 4th rep so that was the end of these for today.

SS: Wtd Blast Strap Pushups (feet elevated)/Axle Shrugs


12x24/20x240 - Grip is definitely getting stronger fast.


10x80'xprowler+50 - These weren't too bad and I was recovering well between runs, but going fast was making my SI feel a touch squirrelly so 10 was all for today.