Thurs, 23 Aug 18

Heavy Upper @ Healthy Baller

Today was a shorter day at my clinical so when we finished up I drove down to Washington, DC to visit my friend and fellow Team EliteFTS member, Todd Hamer, at his new jay oh bee as Director of Strength & Conditioning at George Washington University.  It was outstanding to get to spend a few hours hanging out with Hamer and as always, I learned some things through our conversation and just being around him that I doubt he even realized he was teaching me.  Also, I am extremely happy to have a teammate living near me for the first time ever.

Following this, I headed back up to Healthy Baller to get in some squatting and significantly surprised myself with the weight I was able to move today.  Doing this also helped reaffirm that my middle and upper back strength is probably the biggest factor limiting my squat.  If I can just keep that tight then standing up is the easy part.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squats










1x485 - Video, new world record in the WLP

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Both my hammies felt tight up high under my butt today on these for some reason.  Must just have been residual pucker from the excitement of seeing Hamer.

KB RFE Split Squats/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises


I thought I was using the 36 kg KB until the 3rd set when I checked it because I was having more trouble keeping braced/balanced than I did last week.  I had written in my training notebook to go up to 40 kg after starting at 36 kg, so not a big deal, but I noticed the extra kgs a lot more than I thought I would.

That was all for today because I had to head back and pack up my apartment and do my final self evaluation since tomorrow is the last day of my last clinical of PT school and I'm moving back home after being gone for 4 months.  Graduation is in a few weeks in mid September and then I take my boards at the end of October and I'll be working on getting a job or residency lined up to start soon after.