Sat, 3 Nov 18

Events @ ISCF

First the news: I passed the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE, a.k.a. PT boards) so I can get licensed and get a job after 3 long years of school (which felt more like a decade).  I took boards a week and a half ago on Wednesday which was why my training for that week got all mucked up.  Everyone told me that they were sure I passed, but I was pretty sure I didn't.  This is apparently the normal response to taking the 5 hour exam though.  Had I failed, I would have had to wait 3 months and pay lots more money to take it again, during which time I would not be able to work because I would not be licensed.  I am happier about this and consider it a bigger achievement than graduating from PT school.  I found out on the last day in Florida with my fiance while we were staying on Sanibel Island, which made the mini vacation that much sweet(er).

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Now for the training.  This was my second time training events without fatiguing the crap out of my shoulder with rehab BS first and again everything went great.  Good decision to change up the days I am doing my OHP and shoulder rehab work.  I trained with Cody today, one of the newer guys at Iron Strong who is signed up for his first contest in April, and we both did a good job.

Farmer's Walk (turn @ 50')

2x100' x 110 - One slow run, one fast run

100' x 160

100' x 200

100' x 250

100' x 270

100' x 300 - Video




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The run with 300 is what would have been my video submission for the Official Strongman Games, except that I opted not to enter this year because of my shoulder limiting me to pressing baby weights for now.  Cody worked up and hit a PR on farmer's, looking strong the whole time.

Stone Over Bar (to 52")





First time hitting reps with 20" stones since USS nats back in June and it felt great except for crushing my sternum.

Tire Flip

3x10 flips x ~400 (?)

This was with the new tire at Iron Strong.  Not sure about the weight, but it has better tread and a higher side wall than the other tire so is better for flipping.  I am going to get a come along to use with my hanging scale so I can more easily weigh stuff like tires, stones, kegs, etc.