Mon, 24 Sept 18

Heavy Upper

I've downgraded my speed upper days for more volume at a slower pace for now, but with the exception of last week, I am still working to keep my heavy days at least somewhat heavy as long as it is not impeding my progress.

American Bar High Incline Bench




2x5x175 - 1st set was lethargic and awful so I repeated and it was better the second time



5x205 - This set was getting close to maxing out what my shoulder can stabilize

This made both of my serratus anteriors sore, left much more than right.  This is also what I have been trying to focus on with my serratus presses on my 3rd gym day of the week.  I probably wasn't going heavy enough initially because it was slightly painful for my shoulder to do, so I settled for activation and time under tension over intensity.  After today though, I will see if I can push the weight a good deal more on Friday since the incline benching today didn't bother my shoulder.

Seated Close Grip Cable Low Rows/Side Lying Lateral Raises


15x145/15ea x 15

15x170/15ea x 20

15x170/15ea x 25

The laterals were much easier with less pain than last week, even using a 3 sec negative.

PVC Bench Press/DB Pullovers


2x{15x100/15x35} - 3 sec negative on pullovers