something different for me

I decided to try something new today. I decided to pick up these big medicine balls Dave bought and carry them. I just wanted to try it and I also know it requires a strength that I have never trained.

65-pound medicine ball

carried 50 feet for 4 trips


100-pound medicine ball

carried 50 feet for 4 trips


belt squat

180 for 5 sets of 10 reps


band walks

short mini band around feet for 4 trips of 30 steps


Picking and carrying the 65-pound medicine ball was pretty easy and after the first trip, I thought the 125-pound ball would be doable today. As soon as I picked up the 100 pounder I knew the 125 was not happening today. The 100-pound ball was a challenge and while I never made light of the Atlas stone event (I know they don't carry the stones) in strong man competitions I have a new respect for them and I only picked ball about 1/4 of what they pick. I will probably put these in the rotation because I think they will provide an overall strength benefit.

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