Mon, 20 Aug 18

Speed Upper @ Healthy Baller

Chain Bench Press (1 set)

10x45 - No Chains

8x55 - Add chains




I didn't work up on chain benching because I had agreed to work up on Z Press with Brad, one of the HB trainers who knows a thing or three about lifting.  Somehow not benching for a few months feels like Stella got her groove back and I actually have the ability to accelerate and use my legs, which I felt like was only about halfway there on my bench before I took it out of my programming as I shifted gears to be more specialized for strongman nationals.

Z Press









I stalled halfway up on 210 because I pushed it forward instead of up, but then it went up well after I adjusted my angle of press.  It was still enough that I called it here for today though because failing on a lift that doesn't matter on a day where my focus was on moving faster is not a smart way to train.  Also, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever actually done this lift with a regular barbell instead of a log, axle, with fat gripz, etc.

Meadows Rows/Blast Strap Pushups (Feet on 18" Box)





I also threw in a Turkish Getup with 44 lbs and then 88lbs for poops and grins.  Since I don't actually know the "correct technique" for these, I just kind of sat up and stood up however I could, which was highly amusing for all who were spectating.  I only did these with my right arm and it was a challenge for my shoulder stability as shown by the shaking and rapid contract/relax action of my rotator cuff muscles.

SS Yoke Bar Low Rows



Just playing around here to see how this worked/felt as a row variation.  I liked it, but I found with heavier weight I had a tendency to push the bar forward with my legs, which changed the angle of the row and the difficulty of the exercise (made it easier).  Still worked well though, at least with heavier weight on the bar.

Em Effing Airbike Tabata Bee Es

It actually felt better than usual today, but it was still not what I wanted to do, so I absolutely had to do it