Thurs, 21 Feb 19


I haven't trained since I dropped the log on my head because of more important stuff going on.  I did some active range of motion work for my right elbow for a couple days because I wasn't able to easily move it all the way into full extension at first, but that all seems to be cleared up and my shoulder has felt fine.  My neck is hurting, but I think it is my first rib rather than my actual neck and I think it is due to stress and sleeping on couches and air mattresses rather than from dropping the log on myself.  I wasn't sure if I felt up to training today, so I went in ready, willing, and able to downgrade anything I needed to in order to get through a partial session without doing anything else stupid.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135


8x3x180 - Rest 30 sec

Chain Close Grip Axle Bench (2 sets of chains)

10x70 - No chains

10x75 - Add chains




3x3x205 - Not moving well at all.

3x3x185 - This was a little better.

Supinated Grip Lat Pulldowns




I used my new cable setup with my custom length Spud Inc. cable for the LPDs.  It worked great and I gotta say a big thank you to Spud and Dale and everyone at Spud Inc. for working with me to get what I wanted.

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