Thurs, 11 Apr 19


Suited 13" Chain Axle Deadlifts (4 sets of chains)



6x170 - Add chains


2x2x350 - Add Metal Jack DL suit on 2nd set

6x2x390 - All fast

2x440 - Just as fast

2x510 - Slowed down a lot, not sure if fatigue or crappy position on setup.

DB RFE Split Squats (one DB)/Incline Reverse Crunches

10ea x 50/---

2x(10ea x 70/20xBW}

10ea x 80/10xBW - Ab death on 3rd set of crunches today.

Single Leg Hypers/Single Leg Calf Raises

3x{10ea x BW/20ea x BW}

The single leg calf raises wrecked my lower legs after I did them last week, but no soreness at all after this week.  This is pretty standard for me in terms of rapid adaptation to something I've done extensively in the past, but not much or at all recently.