Tues, 3 Feb 15

Migraine from yesterday caused me to crash on the couch before 8pm.  I woke up this morning with minor symptoms that soon went away, but as soon as I went to train, it started coming back again.  Warmups were increasingly uncomfortable and the only time I wasn't in horrible pain after that was when I was actually squatting and briefly after finishing each set.  I was much more aggressive in trying to get rid of it today through soft tissue work and stretching between sets, but nothing I did seemed to make much difference and yet again I was forced to cut training short or risk being in too much pain to drive home.








Pause Squats



Single Leg Axle Deadlifts

10eax70 - This was unbelievably frustrating because the pain disrupted my concentration so badly that I wasn't able to balance at all and I was doing these so poorly that I was getting zero benefit from them and they were probably even detrimental in terms of reinforcing crappy movement patterns.  This was the end of training today and I was majorly pissed off.  I went home after this and did about 30 min of soft tissue work to my back and neck.  There was definitely some funk in my neck, especially the right side and after this I was able to open my left eye without squinting and writhing in agony.  If this persists I may have to resort to visiting my doctor.

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