Buffalo Bar - Medium Bands - parallel box

  • bar x 10 x 2
  • 145 x 8
  • 235 x 3
  • 325 x 2
  • 415 x 3 - added Ace briefs
  • 505 x 3
  • 595 x 3 x 3


  • BW x 12 x 3

Ab Work


So on the way to the gym this morning I was driving along and came to a red light. I look to my right to see some older guy (early 50's?) handing out his window smiling and talking in my direction so I rolled my window down to see what he needed. He proceeded to ask my how that Tea Party was working out? I was confused as hell and just looked at him and he continued by telling me I was a "fascist nazi and that he wanted to shoot me in the face". I've never talked to this guy or had any interactions with him. He tried to get me to pull over with him so he could "kick my ass" and that this was Florida and a stand your ground state  so if I took one step in his direction he'd fucking kill me. I have no idea where this came from except that one of the stickers on the back of my car (see picture) somehow triggered this nut job. Little does this idiot know that the stand my ground law would be on my side since he was threatening my life and telling me he was going to shoot me in the face. I just laughed at him and gave him the finger and he asked me if that was the size of Trumps dick. All this is happening while we are driving down the road, mind you. I told him I was taking a left  if he wanted to talk, but he passed on following me. I try to stay out of shit like this, but this was some kind of a liberal nut case that has no clue what he's talking about and trying to start trouble with people he shouldn't. Someone  that is just minding their business and going about their day. The thing is, I know this guys car and see him regularly. It's hard to miss since he's using small american flags as mud flaps on his Outback/Forester. I know I'm going to come across him again since I travel the same roads he does on a daily basis so it'll be interesting to see what happens the next time he sees me. I'll try to get his tag number next time I see him too.