Cambered Bar Squats

  • Bar x 10
  • 140 x 10
  • 230 x 5
  • 320 x 5
  • 410 x 5 x 3


  • 85 x 10 x 4

Standing AB Work

  • 120 x 10 x 4

Today would have been a good day to have my garage cleaned out so I could have trained at home. Norah had to make the trip to OBB with me and even though she never seems to mind I feel bad because she seems to get bored after 2 hours so I try to hurry things up as much as I can. If I could get her to train some too it would be easier, but she hasn't shown too much interest yet.

I moved the weight up to 410 this week and everything went according to plan. It felt a little uncomfortable at first, but that went away after a couple of sets and tightening up my back. Planning to move up another 50 pounds next week.