Tues, 14 April 15

Words not uttered or typed by me in a blue moon - "I had a good squat day today."  Good in this case is not really a reference to the weight moved since my squat is and always has been a pile of doody, but rather than I felt better and stronger doing them and was able to do almost all of my reps with little or none of the lagging muscle activation from my left leg that has characterized my squatting and deadlifting for several months.  This makes two weeks in a row where my primary DL or SQ day went really well compared to normal and I am going to work to make this better training the new normal so that I won't dread deads and squats so much (maybe).










Pause Squats



SS: BB Calf Raise/Hanging Knee Raise


15x315/12xBW - I got a wicked cramp in the left side of my abs on my last set of knee raises and had to stop to prevent the baby xenomorph from popping out of my stomach.

It was raining like a mofo all day today so I sacrificed prowling in favor of some kettlebell work for conditioning.  This served as a not so gentle reminder that there are far worse things in life than prowler sprints.

KB Complex (did this two times through with 28kg)

10ea x 1 Arm KB Front Squat

10ea x KB Bent Press

10ea x 1 Arm KB Swings