Wed, 3 Oct 18

Heavy Lower

OK, maybe not every month since I haven't squatted at all in about 5 or 6 weeks because of the way my last block of programming was laid out and other things that came up like wanting to try out my new giant effing trap bar from EliteFTS after it got delivered.  This is longer than I think is optimal for me, but things still went fairly well minus an early hiccup.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squats






3x425 - Add belt




I probably should have either added my belt a set earlier or taken another warmup set between 385 and 425 because the increase in weight combined with putting my belt on gave me an instant headache on the first rep as soon as I started to stand up because I wasn't bracing well enough before starting the set.  435 was much improved from 425 though.  First 2 reps with 445 were awesome, but then I fell forward a little coming out of the hole on the 3rd rep because I lost back tightness so I called it there for today and dropped back down to get some more volume.



My left hammy has been slowly getting tight and funky way up high under my butt over the past few weeks and since it felt like it was getting worse today, I 86ed the RDLs.  I've had this happen once before and I let it go for a few months before addressing it.  I do not plan to let it get that bad this time.

DB RFE SS/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

10ea x 80/25x245

10ea x 80/25x295

10ea x 80/20x295

Since I've been deadlifting in my Jack suit for my last block of training, I'm playing with the idea of throwing on my Jack briefs next time I squat with the SS Yoke Bar to see how it feels since I've only ever used them with a barbell or a car squat rig before.