Wed, 28 Nov 18

Heavy SQ

Today I got to break in my new EliteFTS adjustable height box squat box.  Squats still feel good having switched back to a barbell from the SS yoke bar and other than having to do a little extra warming up to get things moving right, I had no problems from my left shoulder, even with using a low bar position.  I also got started with training about an hour late so it turned out that squats were all I had time to do this morning.

Side note: the new "Someday I Will" poster is a monster and possibly the coolest EliteFTS poster ever.

Box Squats (but actually squats to a box)










1x485 - This was my best set of the day, smooth and controlled.


The set with 505 was super fugly because I could feel myself start to accelerate as I approached the box and I definitely bounced off it and then stalled out completely before my back tightened up to where it should have been the whole time and I was able to grind out the rep.

I didn't even have time to do my back off sets today.  This is the reason I prefer not to train before work since I don't like having a firm cutoff time for when I have to stop training.  But until I am able to have a reliable start time based on when I leave work (which may never happen), morning training is better and allows me to make more progress.