Sat, 20 Apr 19

Events @ Crossfit RVA/RVA Performance Training

I headed down to VA this weekend to visit family and decided to try out a new location for event training.  I contacted the gym ahead of time to make sure I would be able to train and purchase a guest pass and was informed that I was welcome to drop in even though they were also having a pretty large CF event that day.

The gym is pretty big with different areas for CF vs. WL, PL, and SM and they had lots of room with a decent selection of equipment.  I wasn't in the way of their event and their billions of burpees didn't impede my training in any way.  I didn't have any firm plan for my events since I didn't know if other people would be training events or how much room there would be, but everything worked out well and I would definitely go back again in the future.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135





2x285 - This was supposed to be a heavyish triple, but I lowered the log down to my chest a little too fast and knocked the wind out of myself when I caught it in the rack position.  I did recover and dip down to start my leg drive for a third rep, but my joints felt like jelly and everything started to go all red ring like I was going to pass out so I stopped the set short after a double.

1x300 - I am going back to doing something that helped me a lot with being able to consistently hit heavier numbers on OH back when I was just starting to do 300+ regularly - do 300+ regularly.  Whatever my planned pressing is, I'm going to hit a single around 300 about once a week or so to get more comfortable with it again.  I am hitting all my training numbers as planned, but since rehabbing my left shoulder, I sometimes get creeping doubt in the back of my head when I start to get up around that weight and this should remedy that problem.

5x265 - Easy peasy






30'x350 - Video, awful pick and losing grip, but completed it without dropping it.

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I trained this event with Nathan Shwartz who I met today and who is competing in the Star City strongman comp in Roanoke this coming weekend.  As Nathan is currently a PT student at VCU and has been training and competing in strongman for 4 years or so now, I have full faith that he will do a good job this weekend.

Atlas Stone Shouldering (tackyless)

2x5x215 - My back was NOT feeling great after grinding out that last farmer's pick so I kept the weight pretty light for stones today.