Wed, 23 May 18

Primary Lower, Low Range Multiple Rep Emphasis @ BSG

What a stupid name for a training day.  It is accurate though.  I had a brief moment of mental weakness today leaving work and considered bagging training for the day because apparently it was my time of the month.  I immediately realized this was asinine and drove the 2 minutes from work to Brute to get my shit together for training.  I wasn't sure how much of the plan I would be sticking to, but I knew damn well I wasn't going to drive back to my apartment in shame.

When this happens, tell your brain to shut up, get your butt to your chosen training hall, and start warming up.  Keep your brain in neutral and start working your body up through the gears while gauging your response to training.  As long as you're not going to injure yourself and you can do enough to at least maintain if not make progress (because lack of REgression can still be considered PROgression) then keep moving forward.

14" Mullet Deadlifts

barbell warmups




switch to car DL frame with 700 lb tire and empty bar

1x700 + 45 - This was RAWDAWG from the floor (actually raw with straps cause I'm training for that new SPF division) and felt like roughly one million pounds.

5x700 + 135 - Added belt and the addition of plates changed it to a 14" pull.

2x5x700 + 185 - First set with belt, second set with Metal Jack DL suit, didn't feel anything but bad.

5x700 + 225 - SPEED!  This set was a 180 degree flip from the prior set and all the reps flew up easy, video thanks to Andrew Pepiot.

5x700 + 275 - And now back to feeling like a tire fire, but a strong one.

So it turns out I definitely need to add another warmup set or 2 with the barbell before switching to car DL frame when I'm using a 700 lb tire versus the 500 lb tire I used last time.  Lesson learned.  Other than that, the set with 225 up front was by far the best set of the day.  If 275 had felt as fast and good, I would have bumped up one more time to 315, but going in low on food and short on scrotal fortitude led to the decision to stop and move on with my supplemental and accessory work.

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Atlas Stone Squats


These are definitely improving, as all but the first rep of the first set were nice and high, unlike last time I hit this weight 3 weeks ago.  I did have one misfire on the 5th rep of the second set where the stone slipped about halfway up to full extension, but I was able to recover it to my lap back down on the box and come back for a solid 2 more reps.

Standing Calf Raises/Reverse Hypers/Incline Reverse Crunches



Time to start advancing this stuff a little more.