Sat, 28 Mar 15

Today was the last event day before my competition next weekend at Brute Strength Gym.  The main two things I wanted to do today were a moderately heavy zecher and some keg pressing in a fatigued state, which I did and which went well.  I deload this coming week (coincidentally, I usually do not plan my deloads around competition except for nationals) and then head down to Norfolk on Friday with Tiny Dancer and Cloud.

Axle C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 70

complex x 120

complex x 170





2x290 - I forgot to switch my supinated hand on the first pull of the second continental clean like I normally do and then tried to switch it on the second pull and it completely threw me off as you can see in the video.  This was one of the reasons I did axle today, because I have not done it in so long and I'm trying to keep most of the more common events in a regular rotation instead of neglecting things until I have them in an upcoming competition.  These were easy and this was what I had planned to do today, but they felt pretty crappy because the weather took a turn from the 70s back down into the 30s and it was so cold my hands were numb and hurting until the sun came up about half way through training.

Chain Zercher Carry





100'x500 - This is the heaviest chain zercher I have done in a long time and it still felt really good.  It's always a good thing when you can see and feel your training coming together going into a competition.

Medley: Prowler Hi/Keg C&P/Prowler Lo

50'x prowler+140 high handles/1x185/50'x prowler+140 low handles

4x{50'x prowler+140 high handles/3x185/50'x prowler+140 low handles}


Congratulations go out to Gregg Inocencio for his second place finish in the 231 class at the Beast of the East strongman competition today despite tearing up his left hand pretty badly deadlifting 700 on the first event (he still got the lift).  Congratulations also go out to Mike Hedlesky for his third place finish in the HW class at the Diamond State strongman comp, his first NAS competition.  Mike broke the Delaware state record for the deadlift by 100 lbs on his opening attempt.  The old record was set 5 years ago by Dimitar Savatinov, who has since earned his HW pro card and is doing some beastly things in strongman.