Sat, 14 Mar 15

Another solid training session at Colosseum Gym in Columbia, MD in the books.  I went a little heavier today and this is planned to be my last heavy(ish) training day before competing at Brute in 3 weeks.  Loyola S&C Coach and my former training partner and roommate, Nick "Tiny Dancer" O'Brien joined me since he is also competing in the US Strongman April Fools comp.  I managed to jacked up the right side of my low back a bit on the stupid frame deadlift, but thankfully my current training partner, Dr. Gregg Inocencio is a highly competent physical therapist and I got him to lay hands on me and use his voodoo magic to put me back in good working order.  Another of my current training partners, Ryan Brittingham, came to train with Gregg and hit a post surgery PR on Yoke.  Gregg also hit a PR himself, tugging 725 with my old METAL King DL suit.  Finally, I ran across former training partner, founding member of the Meathead Dream Team, and good friend Mark Alexander toward the end of training as well.  It was great to see him and hang out for a little bit, even though I had to roll out shortly after.

Press/Deadlift Medley

(Circus DB C&P, Frame DL, Keg C&P, Frame DL)

complex x 80 - CDB

10x305 - Frame DL

5x130 - Keg

1 ea x 125/5x395/1x205 - CDB, Frame, Keg

1 ea x 145/1x485/1x205/1x485 - CDB, Frame, Keg, Frame

1 ea x 155/1x585/1x205/1x585 - CDB, Frame, Keg, Frame

1x165/1x685/1x205/1x685 - CDB, Frame, Keg, Frame

Zercher Carry





Farmer's Walk





40'x305 - Walking was a piece of cake, but the pick was starting to feel slightly wonky cause of my stupid right low back so I stopped here despite wanting to work up to ~340/350 today since I don't need to go that heavy for my upcoming comp.  Score one for trying to not do something stupid unnecessarily.


6x{40'xprowler+180 high handles/4 flips x 400 tire/40'xprowler+180 low handles} - This conditioning was on the more brutal side as Nick and I only finished 6 runs in 11 min and change.  We could have done a few more, but we both had to roll out so we set a 10 min time limit and then I made us do one more run because odd numbers are unlucky.