Sun, 20 Aug 17

DL & Events

Only one main lift I hadn't hit yet on my reunion tour of awfulness and it did not disappoint quite as much as every other day.  After some tugging on the fat bar I headed to the Unit and did my first real event training in a couple of months.  I felt awful in every fiber of my being, but it was in a good way, rather than an injured way.  Things are getting bett(er).

Axle DL








Amazingly, everything actually felt OK, which is a big step up from crappy.

Yoke (drop and repick @ 50 ft)

100' x 250

100' x 450

100' x 540

2x100' x 630

I only did the second run with 630 because the first one felt so unbelievably terrible.  My lungs, back, legs, and soul all hurt after this and it was hot as hell outside and I had a pounding headache.

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Atlas Stone Shouldering


One to each shoulder and then my head was exploding with every move I made so I took a hint and cleaned up and headed home.  Other than the headache, today was the first day since I've been back from my trip that I didn't feel like my training was doing more harm than good and I'm actually looking forward to next week with some new ideas for structuring my days.