Tues, 28 Aug 18

Speed Lower @ Iron Strong CF

I trained at IS today with Gregg (one of the OG strength athlete PTs) and we hit some speed work for deads and then he helped me test out the TANK for the push/pull medley in the comp I am promoting.  Despite crushing my spirits and my legs and lungs, it was an awesom(er) time.

Chain DL (a little more than 2 sets of chains)




2x245 - Add chains, add Jack DL suit





I was still moving fast off the floor and throughout the whole pull, but I called it after 515 because I was in the process of re-ripping open my right hand.  Even adding straps didn't seem to help because it was so humid and I was sweating so much.  Grip was no problem, but I need to keep working actively to smooth out where the rip I got training for world's healed up so I don't keep having trouble with that callus.

KB Bulgarian Split Squats

10ea x BW

3x10ea x 70 - One KB in opposite hand as front leg

TANK Push/Prowler Pull

80' x TANK in 3rd gear/80' x prowler + 250

I used a quick and stupid setup for the pull strap for the prowler (because it was roughly a million degrees outside) which caused the front to wobble back and forth like a drunken monkey and slowed me down a lot, but I still easily finished in under a minute.  Thanks to Gregg for helping me test out weights for this.


10x40' x 2nd gear - This was barely tolerable and only about half of what I was doing when I used the TANK with Steve.

Incline Reverse Crunches