Swiss Bar Speed Bench, and Last Day of the Deload

I’m currently in meet prep for the 2015 XPC Finals at the Arnold Sports Festival during the weekend of March 6-8th. I will be competing on Friday, March 6th, 2015 at 132 pounds, raw with knee wraps.

Thursday capped my deload session. I went with the Swiss Bar and chains to make things a bit easier and to save my shoulders. My speed felt great, and I really chased a good pump and pretty much ended the session. My grip work has been going well, and I will pull that at 2 weeks out to make sure that comes in fresh for the meet. Pretty solid day of work and I was itching to get to some heavy weight. The deload was very successful and I'm feeling considerably better mentally and physically. Time to give a good final push to round out meet prep.

Warm Up
DB Bench Press - 50's x4x12
Micro Band Pull Aparts - 100 total reps
Mini Band Pallof Hold - 3x15 sec

A1) Swiss Bar Speed Bench vs Chains (2 per side)
45x5 - add chains
- rep effort

B1) DB Overhead Press (neutral grip)

C1) Single Arm Lat Pulldown
3x15 per arm

D1) Deadstop Cable Rows (neutral grip)

E1) Mace Ball Band Pressdowns
3 sets of failure at each ball

Grip Work
A1) DOH, Pin Pull - 315x1, 295x3
B1) Fat Grip, Rolling Thunder - 90x3x3
C1) CoC #T - 1 set

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