Fri, 15 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 2, Day 3 - DE OH/BP

No snatches today because I was starting much later than usual due to work and I was in a pissy mood.  So why not shorten my warmups and potentially have a crappier training day on top of that?  I'm a genius.

Also, in my quest to be strong(er) I am switching my DE pressing work back to bench press.  I was stronger on both bench and overhead when I did it this way so time to learn from my own past experiences.

Chain AmBar Bench Press (2 sets)

10x45 - Add chains



8x3x145 - Each set for the first 3-4 sets got faster because I warmed up less thoroughly.

3x165 - Still fast

3x185 - Slow(er)

AmBar Rows/Seated DBMP (no back rest)




The DBMP with the back rest up lat week made my right shoulder funky for a couple of days so I did it without today and everything felt better.

That was all for today because it was late and I was starving and the hanger was hitting hard.

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