Mon, 19 Nov 18

Upper Work Capacity

So training after work kind of sucks (at least right now while my brain is overloaded from learning a new documentation system).  Since I'm on an alternating schedule, I am going to try training before work on the 2 days per week I go in late versus after work on the 2 days I get done early.  The other day is stupid because I work a "normal" day.  I was still less than ideal, but ideal is most likely gone for the time being and it was far better than training after work.

Maybe once I get used to everything and don't feel like I'm constantly behind I will try training after work again, but for now before allows me to train hard(er).

Axle Press (out of rack)

15x45 - Barbell

10x70 - Switch to axle




4x140 - Failed on #5


Resting 30 sec between sets for the first 4 work sets and then 90 sec before and between the last 2 work sets.  This was not as good as I did last week training after work, but everything else felt better.  Also, this training day last week was the one day I actually left when I was supposed to instead of staying 1-2 hours late, thus negating the benefit of getting done early.

Very Strict Neutral Grip Pullups/1/2 Kneeling Landmine Presses

6xBW/8ea x 45

3x{6xBW/8ea x 65}

Meadows Rows/Dips/Band ABC Hypers

10ea x 80/10xBW/8x doubled micro band

10ea x 80/10x25/8x doubled micro band

10ea x 80/10x45/8x doubled micro band