Fri, 13 July 18

Speed & Assistance @ Healthy Baller has been 3 weeks since my last tabata and that made the end of training today supremely awful.  Thankfully the beginning of training went pretty well.  I made progress on my jumps (slightly lower weight to higher height) and snatches (easier reps at higher weight), before wrecking myself for 4 minutes on the airbike.

Seated DB Box Jumps

5xBW to 24"

3xBW to 30"

1xBW to 33"

3x20 to 33"

2x30 to 33"

2x35 to 33"

2x40 to 33"

I stopped at the 40s today because I got a slight twinge in my left calf and continuing up to 50s was not worth turning that into anything more significant.

Hang Power Snatches

bar w/ups






These felt much easier today than last week, even though I was not hitting great positions on some of my second reps.

Supinated Grip Lat Pulldowns

2x10x140 - 4 count negative

Dips/DB Curls

10xBW/10ea x 55

10x45/10ea x 55

Airbike Tabata

I started out in the 700s and was struggling to hit 500 for the last few intervals, but I got it done and then stretched out before heading back to my apartment.