Jarret Grossman:

"It's all about hard work and everyone has the ability to work hard. Your short comings in terms of genetics or predetermined attributes can always be made up for by hard work and strengthening your weaknesses. If you underestimate yourself you're never going to be great. Successful people in this world over estimate where they're going to end up and it works out to their advantage. It just as easily could be you. If you knew that you couldn't fail, that word risk would be meaningless. There would just be reward. So what is holding you back, are you willing to take that risk on, to follow your dreams, are you willing to give it everything you've got, to do something you absolutely love, because if you are doing something you love how can someone be better than you at it just relying on talent.If you are passionate about it, willing to put in the time and work every single day how can they be better than you. The people who are the best at their particular craft all took the risk for something they were passionate about and they never let anyone detour them from that goal. When that opportunity comes your way, will you?"