Shelley Prather Yates - 39 years - competed in the SPF Ironman Classic powerlifting championships in Gatlinburg, Tenn on 03/22/15 with Team Nebobarbell Gym. This was her 3rd powerlifitng meet in 9 months with PR's on all 3 lifts. Here is what Shelly did:

1st Place womens 198 submaster full power raw
1st Place womens 198 submaster squat only raw
1st place womens 198 submaster deadlift only raw
Set 6 new SPF NC State records
Set 2 new SPF National records
Set 2 new SPF World records
PR Squat
PR Bench
PR Deadlift
1st women at NeboBarbell - Nebo, North Carolina to squat over 300 pound in meet
1st women - squat & deadlift over 300 pounds on both lifts in a meet for Nebobarbell
1st women - total 790 pounds in a meet for Nebobarbell
1st women - bench press 145 pounds in a meet for Nebobarbell
1 of only 2 women at Nebobarbell that have competed in 3 powerliting meets in a row and all 1st place victories in each of those 3 meets

I am so proud of you Shelly! I love you like my own sister. Im so glad you are a part of our family, our gym and our lives....



Ok here are a few numbers from this weekend. I love to run the end results numbers done by our Team to put into prospective what exactly we as a Team accomplished. I take huge pride in these numbers, not only as a Teammate but as their coach. Numbers don'




Such a very exciting weekend coming up! 12 Team NeboBarbell - Nebo, North Carolina lifters competing this weekend at The SPF Ironman Classic Powerlifting Championships in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I cant wait to see our young team compete, break pr's, set so