Sun, 28 Oct 18

Lower Assistance

Today was 100% terrible.  I considered not even trying to train, but I was in a crappy mood and I was hoping that  a little lifting would boost my spirits.  False.  So far this training day has been enjoyable and balance has not been an issue with the single leg stuff.  Today everything just missed me off more and I was falling all over the place which made me want to start "redecorating" the gym.  So I called a halt and packed up to head down to FL to look at wedding venues.

Band TKE Heel Taps/SL DB RDL + Knee Drive

10ea x BW/10ea x 30

15ea x BW/15ea x 30

I dropped down to an avg band for the heel taps today, which I do think helped, but even with a lower step I was struggling.  And my balance on the SLDLs was a joke.  Rather than start throwing DBs or hitting inanimate objects, I opted to evacuate the scene.  Packing when I had the flaming red ass, as the millwrights I used to work with down in Richmond would say, ended up with me forgetting a bunch of stuff I should have brought with me, but lesson learned.