Sat, 4 Jan 20 - Events @ Iron Strong CF

Log C&J

complex x 100

6x150 - Inside of R knee feeling kind of grumpy

6x100 - Dropped back down and felt ok

6x120 - Felt fine

6x140 - Still fine

6x160 - Felt ok

6x180 - Not quite as ok

Definitely making good progress on rehabbing my knee from a meniscus tear, but not back to full strength yet.

Conditioning Medley(One Arm Farmer's, Ring Pullups, SB DB Bear Crawls)

40'ea x 110/5xBW/40'x15

2x{80'ea x 110/5xBW/40'x15}

Belt Squat/Belt Squat March

15x bar/---

15x90/30ea x 90

15x180/30ea x 180

It was raining and gross outside so I limited myself to indoor training today.  Plus I was slightly annoyed that my knee didn't feel better than it did on log.  It's definitely better than it was though and I'd like to add in some low intensity jumps, but with packing to move to VA and starting a new job, I doubt I'll be progressing much for a couple weeks.